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Why this Opportunity?

With COVID-19 Lockdowns relaxed, the experience and aspiration of public changes and we see a great increase n the count of people who are ready to start their own business. These investors, we see from various locations across the country and presently want to expand our team to cater to their needs.

We are looking for Freelance Business Consultants, who would support us in our Franchise setup operations, helping Prospective investors to setup their own business.

This position is for incumbents carrying sales and marketing experience who can work on Deal closures and we pay a Good Commission on each Franchise setup done.

Note: +++ This is not a Salaried Job ***

About Us

ayiruS Business Consulting, presently based out of Hyderabad, is a Business Consulting Organization catering to Business Development, Business Setups, Brand Establishment & development, Franchising, Hiring, Recruitment, Staffing, Web Presence, Web designing & Development, Hosting and Domain services for multi level clients and consumers across the country.

Started in 2018, we had various accolades for our simple abut specialized attention towards our clients and customers.

Read the below FAQs before you decide to apply

Am I Eligible?
You need to be 18+ years old, with 1 -2 years of sales / marketing experience to become eligible for this
Is this a Permanent Job?
Please understand that this is not a Salaried Job.....

You would be working on Commission basis and you can work for as long as you want.
Is My location a Constraint?
You can work from anywhere within India, However,it'd be better if you are from the Southern Part of India for now. viz., Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu and Pondicherry
Should I come to office and Work
No! This is a Work from home opportunity. All our training and Support systems and processes are online
What Languages must I know?
We are preferring People with English and Hindi Knowledge. Additionally, It's be preferred if you can speak one of the Regional Languages
What is My work?
We have tie-ups with Multiple Famous brands who want to open up thier Franchise / Branches in the Southern Part of our country. You would be the consultant for Prospective Investors who want to setup a business and will assist them in selecting a Brand to setup the business, Liaison between the Brand and the investor and help investors setup and operate the business
Who would support me with the Brand Details?
We at ayiruS, help you out with the Brand Details, the requirements to setup the brand, the financial details etc, that would support you to help the investors
Do you have a specific Working Hours?
We normally work between 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., But you are free to work between anytime based on the need.
How Can I Join?
To Join us as a Free Lance Business Consultant you need to meet the following criteria:
Rs. 20,000/- as the provisioning Fee
1 - 2 Years of Sales / Marketing Experience
Laptop / Mobile with good internet connectivity
Zeal to talk with people and explain them various business OPs.
Willing to go that exxtra mile to help budding Investors genuinely.
Why Should I Pay?
We charge this provisioning fee for creating your official email id, your digital presence, regular training charges, and other logistical charges
Is this Provisioning Fee Refundable?
No! This is a Non-refundable Fees
Would there be any renewal fee?
The initial Fees is for one year and from the second year you would have a reduced yearly fees. Please note that the renewal fees would be waived off if you acheive a certain level of revenue in the year
Are there any targets?
No! We do not set any targets. However we would advise you to set your own targets for enhanced revenue
Would I be paid a Monthly Salary?
No! This is not a Salaried Job offer. You would be paid commissions on the Success fee for each franchise closure
What other requirements to join?
You would need to have a Laptop / PC, Working Mobile Phone and a Good internet Connection
What is the Commission Rate?
Each Brand has a different commission Structure. You get paid 50% of the Commission, We receive, as your Share
Can you share the Brand Details?
We have a NCA with the Brands and are supposed to share with only Prospective Clients and our own associates (Part time / Freelancers). Hence We can share brand details like availability, cost, financials revenue only after you join us
Would we get Trainng?
Yes, We would train on Business consulting principles, methods, Processing, Requirements and other Franchise business Setup requirements
Where would the Traing Happen?
The training would happen thru online meetings.
Would you provide a Laptop / PC?
Sorry! you need to have your own laptop / PC?
Would you provide a Mobile connection?
No! Due to location constraints we cannot provide a Mobile connection.
What documenation woud I need to give you
You need to give us copies of your PAN CARD and AADHAR
If I drop within the Contract period, would you partially refund the fee?
No! The fee is non-refundable
What is the scope of earning?
If you are experienced in sales / marketing, you would have fair opportunities to close enough leads in a short time.

Your earnings is purely based on your time, effort and learning & execution
What language would the training be?
We prefer English to be the common mode of communication for training
What authorization would you offer us for working with you
Once the Provisioning fee is paid after proper scrutiny of you documents, you would receive an official Freelancer contract that would authorize you to work on our behalf
Where is your office located?
We are based out of Hyderabad. Here are our organization details:

ayiruS Business Consulting (OPC) Private Limited
CIN : U74999TG2020OPC140825
I have more questions
Please call us @ 631 911 6060 in case you have more questions
I'm Interested. How to Apply?
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