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    Our Franchise Consulting Service

    Franchise industry in India second largest in the World expected to grow at an average rate of 35 percent throughout the next decade.

    Franchising provides an excellent opportunity for rapid expansion without an enormous outlay of capital. This Allows a business to conserve capital, and at the same time achieve fast market penetration making it a very attractive proposition to most business owners. 100% commitment from their franchisees who have a stake in the business. Enables to utilise the entrepreneurial skills of the franchisee network to achieve better results than might otherwise be achieved.


    The franchising business model should be simple & capable of being replicated. The business system itself has to be clearly set out into an operations manual that covers every aspect of the business. The Franchisor has to understand that this is not a quick way for him to make money, but a sensible way to expand and get on board people that are equally committed to the business success.

    Why Franchising?

    New age Indian generation has realized the scope of growth in franchising and in today’s race for success, many of the aspiring entrepreneurs have decided to join the franchising bandwagon because it is easier, safer and more profitable than struggling for brand identity while running a small
    enterprise of their own.


    Franchising has become the most sought-after concept in the  contemporary business arena. The concept of franchising has indeed resulted in one of the most successful and systematic way of assuring global presence of the concerned business. More importantly, in a country like India where cultural diversities make retailing a big challenge,  franchising is allowing the companies to truly think global and act local.




    Identify brands with strong focus, clear ability to be successful in franchising & are extremely committed.



    Mentor these brands into developing a sustainable and scalable business model.



    Assist in operations, capability building, control mechanisms & sustainable growth.



    Expand with our suopport- PAN India & International Expansion.


    Opportunity Assessment
    To asses and identify the market that exists for a particular business.
    Value proposition
    To identify and propose the unique selling proposition that the company would offer.
    Capability Development
    To evaluate the internal capability of the organization & suggest improvisation in the same.
    Rollout Plan
    On basis of the existing business, market potential and brand aspiration a roll out plan is suggested.

    Consulting Deliverables

    We adhere to the following Consulting deliverables


    Market assessment, Competition analysis, Roll out plan, Capability development


    Inventory management, Finance & accounting procedures, Security guidelines


    Franchise setup cost / operational cost, Franchise fees, Revenue streams, Payback period


    Market collateral development including brochures, flyers, standees

    Legal /Audit

    Letter of intent, Franchisor franchise agreement, Audit document, reporting documents


    Franchise management training, Franchise relation management