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Providing Our Best

how the light kitchen do it The Light Kitchen source premium quality ingredients i.e. gluten-free flours, imported avocados, fat-free yogurt, high-fiber buckwheat flour, fresh halal poultry, and freshly sourced fruits and veggies, from most trusted vendors across Mumbai Indian curries are prepared by baking and pureeing instead of frying. Low fat probiotic yoghurt is used as base instead of heavy cream as base for curries. For all the muscle builders and fitness enthusiasts, there is a special option to add Whey protein to smoothies, pancakes, oats, and crepes. The Light Kitchen provide detailed nutritional details for our dishes, so that you order per your dietary requirements Our chef and his team are constantly innovating to balance taste and calorie content. The Light Kitchen have introduced flavored oats, multiple egg dishes with egg white option, French crepes with buckwheat flour, gluten free rotis and pancakes, multigrain wraps and pita pockets and many more dishes. The Light Kitchen is introducing Healthy pizzas as part of our menu with multigrain and gluten-free flour base infused with healthy beetroot, pesto, and other flavors.

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Our Legacy

the light kitchen People around the world harbour the misconception that healthy food cannot be delicious. We, at The Light Kitchen, thrive to prove that you can have the best of both worlds. It is our heartfelt desire to introduce you to a healthy lifestyle that is bursting with flavours, and is full of fun. The Light Kitchen proudly offer guilt-free indulgences at a reasonable cost as we go light on your calories and lighter on your pocket without compromising on the quality.

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End to End Setup

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Our Franchise Investment Facts



Area Required


Delivery kitchen/ Cloud kitchen/ Dark Kitchen

8 lakhs +

200 sq ft +

1 year 4 Months

Quick service restaurants

15 lakhs +

300 sq ft +

1 year 2 Months

Cafe (without liquor)

20 lakhs +

600 sq ft +

10-12 Months

Lounges/ Bar & Restaurant/ Pub

40 lakhs +

1500 sq ft +

8-10 Months

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